Selected 2015

Ziad Sankari

  • Current company CardioDiagnostics
  • Industry Healthcare

Arrhythmias, or heartbeat irregularities, are often sporadic and frequently missed by short-term cardiac monitoring devices. To solve this problem, CardioDiagnostics has created the first, cloud-based device that provides continuous cardiac monitoring. The company’s FDA-approved wireless device, LifeSense, automatically detects cardiac arrhythmias in outpatients, giving physicians the ability to remotely monitor their patients 24/7 for up to thirty days. LifeSense has a margin of error under 2%, detecting the correct abnormality with an accuracy of 98% and with 99% specificity (sending out the correct alarm). CardioDiagnostics’ proprietary technology and online management system enables doctors to retrieve real-time patient files remotely, allowing them to complete their diagnosis seconds after an incident occurs.

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