Selected 2012

Taline Assi

  • Current company Mosaic Marble
  • Industry Retail

Since its founding in 2003, Mosaic Marble has built a solid reputation as the most professional mosaics company in the Middle East, consistently offering high standards of quality and timely order fulfillments at competitive prices. Over that period Mosaic Marble has serviced high-profile individuals including Princess Aia of Jordan and Oprah Winfrey.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Taline Katchadourian Assi fell in love with entrepreneurship during her college years. She helped her now husband to establish a web development company while studying at the Lebanese American University. She became interested in design, and after studying the sites of the world’s leading mosaic companies, worked with an in-house web designer to develop a new website for Mosaic Marble. The site launched in early 2003 with a selection of designs, and quickly gained traction.

Mosaic Marble makes it convenient for customers – including museums, companies, individuals and real estate developers – to purchase the mosaics of their dreams for interior and exterior decorations. Customers can select from one of Mosaic’s designs or submit their own. It also has vast experience standardizing output quality from artisans.

Confident in the scalability of Mosaic Marble’s production process, Taline is focused on revamping the company’s sales and marketing strategy.

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