Selected 2013

Omar Onsi

  • Current company Nymgo
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Nymgo is making the world smaller by connecting under-privileged immigrants with their families back home. Nymgo’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software offers immigrant communities a low-cost and high-quality solution for calling landlines and mobile phones in regions where Internet and broadband infrastructure remain scarce. Nymgo’s VoIP calls are a fraction of the cost of its competitors. The product can be downloaded onto computers, mobile phones and tablets and offers a very simple design to make cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones around the world.

Nymgo pairs its low prices with high-quality service using proprietary audio technology to provide the lowest possible delay in voice communication and high resilience in the face of network losses. Its “no-frills” service is 60% cheaper than competitors and is available in English, Arabic, and Mandarin with plans to introduce Hindi capabilities soon. Nearly half of Nymgo’s calls originate in the GCC and 90% of all calls are directed towards India. To recruit new customers, Omar employs a unique marketing strategy, consisting of a network of resellers.

With US$2 million already invested in its technical infrastructure, Nymgo is positioned to scale rapidly and soon achieve annual sales of one billion minutes. Reaching this benchmark will solidify Nymgo’s place among the big VoIP players, making it the go-to solution to reach the four billion people without a 24/7 broadband connection.

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