Selected 2011

Marc Dfouni

  • Current company Eastline Marketing
  • Industry Marketing

With millions of people using social media in the Middle East, the region is ripe for digital marketing. Founded in 2007 by Marc Dfouni and Nemr Nicolas Badine, Eastline Marketing (ELM) was the first digital marketing agency in Lebanon and one of the first in the region of offer a complete range of online marketing services.

Marc and Nemr met in Montreal while at Concordia University. Using their newfound marketing skills they started offering online marketing expertise to companies. After graduating, they followed their own careers.

In 2007, Marc and Nemr noticed an opportunity to become a first mover in the digital marketing industry in Lebanon. They quit their jobs and founded ELM. In 2008, they landed their first client in the Middle East.

Since barriers to entry are low, Marc and Nemr are staying at the forefront of technology to offer differentiated, high value services. At the core of ELM’s projects is a unique proprietary database of insights into customer segments across geographies and industries. This data is collected and analyzed during every campaign, and is used in new campaigns to produce better results. ELM strives to connect the online and offline world, entailing seamless integration between the two activations.

ELM is well positioned in a region that lags behind in the rest of the developed world in Internet penetration and digital sophistication. Marc and Nemr’s vision is to become the leading regional digital marketing agency, positioned as the go-to agency for both regional and international clients.

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