Selected 2013

Maha Arayssi Rifai

  • Current company Beesline
  • Industry Retail

Founded in 1993, Beesline is a brand of natural personal care products developed and produced in Lebanon. Based on the science of apitherapy (the medicinal use of bee by-products), Beesline products are rich in natural active ingredients and free of additives like artificial coloring, fragrances and harsh preservatives. With over 150 SKUs, the products offer specialized treatments for a wide range of skin care problems, such as acne and eczema, as well as cosmetic needs like make-up and skin-whitening items. Competitively priced for the middle-class consumer, Beesline’s products cost 20% more than mass market products and 20% less than luxury ones.

The Middle East represents 9% of the global personal care market and is outpacing global rates of growth. The niche natural products segment is projected to grow globally, driving demand for the natural benefits conferred by bee by-products. To date, the company has created 4,000 formulas and commercialized 1,000 of them. The company pioneered development of skin-whitening deodorants, which became widely successful. Through exclusive contracts with eight distributors, the entrepreneurs have reached 16,000 outlets in eight countries throughout the region, as well as through Beesline’s retail store in Beirut.

Mohamad and Maha continue to invest in R&D for their most successful product lines. They are currently constructing a fully-automated production plant which will multiply capacity between five and ten times.

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