Selected 2014

Jean-Marc Ingea

  • Current company Elcir
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Elcir manufactures and installs furniture and woodwork for luxury hotels, high-end residential units, and corporate offices. Following the Lebanese Civil War, Jean-Marc joined his father’s company, which had lost two factories to the fighting. Within three years of joining Elcir, Jean-Marc increased annual revenues from US$2 million to US$7 million, lowered its debt to sales ratio from 150% to 30%, and replaced his father as CEO. Since taking over, Jean-Marc has expanded Elcir’s services worldwide, from the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to the royal palace in Turkmenistan.

The company’s 13,000 square meter factory boasts the highly qualified designers, engineers, architects, and craftsmen in addition to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Elcir also meets British standards for fire certification and Forest Stewardship Council recognition for conservation of its wood materials. Jean-Marc aims to cement his its presence in its core markets of Lebanon, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia and eventually to become a worldwide leader in finishing works. Jean-Marc’s proprietary know-how and entrenched supplier relationships has enabled him to carve out a space in the US$400 billion global hotel construction market.

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