Selected 2012

Delphine Edde

  • Current company Diwanee
  • Industry Media

In an increasingly digitalized age, Diwanee seeks to bring the topics Arab women might discuss amongst themselves to the online platform. Diwanee’s specialized web portals (motherhood and health) and (beauty, fashion, gossip) satisfy its readership with information tailored to their lifestyle and life change.

Originally from France, the husband and wife team behind Diwanee, Hervé Cuviliez and Delphine Edde, returned to their Lebanese roots in 2007. A serial entrepreneur, Hervé has many years of experience in digital advertising in Europe and the Middle East. He co-founded CreaHTM, an interactive web-based advertising agency, and later held several executive positions. Delphine has complementary expertise in digital publishing and account management. After receiving her master’s she began her career in advertising in Paris. Prior to founding Diwanee, Delphine served as the New Media Director at Condé Nast France.

Like the European digital media landscape of a few years before, the Middle East represented a huge opportunity given the region’s growing Internet penetration rates. The pair relocated to Beirut in 2007 and together with a friend, they pooled capital to launch, Diwanee’s first portal. By 2012, the team had developed Diwanee’s other two web pages.

Diwanee’s in-house editorial team produces original, high-quality content in Arabic for women. Comprised of articles, multimedia content and online forums, the content is provided for free through the company’s proprietary portals. The company also offers lucrative advertising solutions, ranging from display banners to branded content, to consumer brands eager to penetrate the Middle Eastern market.

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