Selected 2017

Cyril Hadji-Thomas

  • Current company Bookwitty
  • Industry Retail

While the written word remains a powerful tool, the way it’s consumed in the digital age has significantly changed. Bibliophiles now have the convenience and variety afforded by ecommerce platforms, but trade off on the rich knowledge, expertise and discoverability unique to local bookstores. Keeping up with the times while maintaining the charm of bookstore browsing, Bookwitty is a global, multilingual book retail platform that offers a curated and personalized book buying experience for its consumers. The company offers a collection of 26 million books that ship worldwide for free, as well as high-quality content through its network of publishers, bookstores and writers, and personalized recommendations via its proprietary search engine. Operating in the $106 billion global publishing market with teams spread across Beirut, Paris, Brussels, Montreal and New York, the company’s growth to becoming a global player will be one for the books.

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