Selected 2012

Brahms Chouity

  • Current company At7addak
  • Industry Media

Based in Lebanon, is the first and largest competitive gaming competitive gaming community designed by and for Arab gamers. The company offers gamers a chance to use their existing gaming platforms to compete with friends and to enter tournaments sponsored by large corporations. The website also boasts exclusive content including news and in-depth game reviews.

Brahms Chouity spent most of his childhood between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. In 2003 he earned a degree in international business and hotel management. By 2010, Brahms was travelling over 90 times a year and it was starting to take a toll on him. When his wife became pregnant he decided to take a break, and spent most of his time playing console games. One night, Brahms realized he could turn his passion into a business by creating an online community for Arab gamers. In 2011, with the help of the top graduate of AUB’s computer engineering program, was introduced.

Today the website offers gamers in the Middle East opportunities to connect and compete with one another. Users sign up for a free account, configure their profiles with the UD from different gaming platforms, and then challenge each other to any of the games offered on the site. The company’s Automated Scoring Software then uploads their scores to their online profiles.

Brahms has executed admirably over the past year and is earning serious attention in the Middle East. The company is self-financed and does not have an advisory board.

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