Selected 2015

Antoine Saab

  • Current company Energy24
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Energy24 is developing cost-effective solutions for intermittent power in developing countries. Lebanon’s overpopulation overburdens its aging power grid, resulting in several daily power-outages. Energy24 is ready to address this shortage, and has developed special batteries that stock large amounts of energy, delivering a continuous stream of power 24/7 at 40% the cost of alternate solutions.

Co-founder Antoine Saab has always been amped by the energy industry. As an Electrical Engineering student at the American University of Beirut, he was driven by the thrill of conceiving electric solutions that could power his city. After a decade of work experience with several different firms, Antoine returned to Lebanon and began experimenting with making improvements to already existing technology. He invested his personal time and money in developing an adaptation to uninterruptible power supply technology.

Energy24 augments the shortcomings of Lebanon’s formal electricity provider by offering an energy storage solution that provides savings of 60% on total energy bills and access to stable, uninterrupted power for up to 72 hours. At the core of Energy24 is its Energy Storage Solution (ESS), an energy store technology that stocks electricity while the power is on, and releases it to be consumed during power outages. This product can cover a variety of requirements. It also has a multi layer protection, with encrypted algorithms that preclude any attempts at reverse engineering.

Energy24 delivers a genuine solution to a developing world problem, where a lack of access to reliable power cripples productivity and inhibits enterprise.

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